After FIVE Years with other agents... Diane sells 209 E. Welsh Road in 1 DAY!

Dear Diane,

We want to commend you for the superb job you performed on the sale of our million-dollar home in Maple Glen, PA. You have been by far the most proficient real estate agent we have had the great pleasure to work with during the sale of our custom built home. Moreover, we feel we have found a life-time and valued friend who really cares a great deal about her clients and their property. We were absolutely delighted with your expertise from the initial listing of our home all the way through closing.

One area we especially want to thank you for is your work ethic where you did not let one thing "fall through the cracks" during this entire transaction - not one thing! You proved to us you are very experienced, extremely well versed and completely up-to-date on the real estate market and the real estate industry as a whole.

We were so impressed you worked indefatigably to ensure each and every aspect of the sale of our home was effectively and accurately performed. You did this by responsively and thoroughly working through the issues that came up before the settlement date of June 21, 2013. In fact, we were so pleased you always seem to manage to keep very positive without losing sight of the goal of completing our home sale.

Most importantly, we are so thankful we listed with you and your expertise to take over the sale of this home. As you know, we had another Real Estate Broker and Realtor who had this home for over five (5) years and it was not even getting showings. Of course, it did not sell until we gave the home to you to sell where it sold in one (1) day!

We most definitely will recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in the area. As far as we are concerned, there is no other Realtor to select - you are number 1 in our book! We will be calling only you if/when we want to buy or sale a home in the area you service. We so wish you covered Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!

Congratulations to you, Diane for another home sale well done where you completely satisfied your customers!

Warm regards,

Ken Gregory

Hal Faden



You and your staff did an excellent job representing me in the sale of my home at 563 Exeter court, in Talamore. You were always very prompt in response to my needs, never any delays in your service. You were usually ahead of the curve. That is the essence of excellent representation in the sale of a property. 

Thanks for always being there. 

Best Regards,
Pete Gibbons


Today many of us are communicating with Tweeter and text messaging. However 160 characters could never define Diane Sarkisian, Realtor extraordinary. I first met Diane in 1991 when she interviewed with my prior RE/MAX Services office in Blue Bell, PA. I knew at the moment she was special. Not just special but brilliant.

Over the years her methodical attention to detail propelled her to being at the very top of producing agents on my team. Of all the Realtors in the USA, 10% of them produce 90% of the production. Diane just maybe in the top 5% doing 95%.

If you are considering listing or looking for a home, Diane is driven to perform. She will not let you down.

- Michael J. Stefonick, CEO, Optimix Marketing, Ltd.


Hi Diane,

This to put on record that you are an exceptionally devoted Realtor, the level of commitment is hard to find. But for your commitment and involvement it would not have been possible for us to get the house we own today. I must say you are a moving Power House who is committed to provide the exceptional services to her clients. We wish you good luck and would like you to maintain the level to spread happiness all around.

Must say Great Job by a Great Lady!

Thank YOU!!

- Vipul Beri


Diane Sarkisian is not just the best real estate agent you will find anywhere in the area, she is also one of the greatest people I have ever had the opportunity to work with in the real estate industry. Most importantly, I am most proud to say that I have the ability to call Diane a good, trusted friend and confidant.

Diane's work ethic is unmatched especially when it comes to her work as a real estate agent. Diane is experienced and extremely well versed and up to date on the real estate market and the industry in general. Simply put, Diane works tirelessly and just knows how to get her job efficiently and effectively. Diane was extremely responsive and helped me through several complicated and stressful real estate transactions. Diane always managed to keep a positive, upbeat attitude and never lost sight of the end goal. one particular situation was overly stressful and unique. I can't imagine any other real estate agent who would have been able to handle the situation with such poise, confidence and positiveness.

As a person, Diane is the proud mother, talented musician and graduate of the prestigious 2013 Citizens Academy. Diane excels in all that she does. She is humble, hard-working and a wonderful person.

I would highly recommend Diane to anyone looking to buy and/or sell a house in our area. She is the best you will find and just an overall pleasure to work with and to get to know as a person.


Jen Ngo


To Whom it may concern,

We have known Diane Sarkisian for 14 yrs and we can honestly say she is one of the most professional and loyal people we know. To date she has helped us purchase 3 homes and to sell 2 of them. The last of which was on August 10, 2013 and it was our "Forever dream home". The whole process of buying and selling was once again streamlined and efficient due to Diane's work ethic and how she runs her business. She literally puts her clients and their needs at the top of her list. She is always on the "hunt" for your perfect house whether you are actively looking or getting ready to get into the market. She considers all people's needs individually and on the whole for you and your family. She is by far one of the top in her field and in the elite category of Realtors. If you new home is out there she will find it for you and if you are selling a home you can feel confident that she will make that as easy and successful process as possible.

Sincerely Extremely happy and grateful repeat clients,

Sara & Joe Lukens


Thank you so much for helping us sell our home in Talamore. We had heard that you were a specialist in our neighborhood, and that really proved to be true. You were also unfailing thorough and tirelessly persevered through all of the issues and "surprises" that popped up along the way. And, at the end, the closing was smooth and effortless due to your planning and preparation. I would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone looking to sell their home. Thanks again!

Sincerely, Jim Burke


"We recently had the pleasure of working with Diane regarding the sale of our home in Talamore. The experience from beginning to end was both pleasant and very professional.

In addition to selling the home in only a few weeks, Diane was involved every step of the way. She helped us price it, market it, repair it, negotiate it and transfer it over. It was comforting to know we had someone like that on our side throughout.

We have sold five homes in this area over the last 30 years and found her to be the best real estate person that we worked with."

- Elliott & Bobbie Freiberg


An Incredible, Honest and Patient Soul

“You and I are alike in many respects. We both hold a great appreciation for being the best at what we do while maintaining mutual respect; we both have an appreciation for fine cars, music and homes. Most importantly, have all of these appreciations and ‘desires’ while still holding onto that which made us into the people we are today.

“This house sale process has been an arduous task for me. I generally haven't failed at anything in my life. I've been doubted on many occasions but always found it within myself to rise above and beyond the expectations. In the first couple of months with the house sitting without any offers, I really felt that everything I had done in improving the house was a waste. I felt like I had failed. You, however, always stood behind me and Michele telling us to remain confident. ‘It will all work out’. Sitting here on this first ‘morning after’, I feel really relieved and ready to take on the world. Michele and I owe that to you and your relentless efforts. You truly are a shiny star.

“You know I always tout your name in the marketplace and hope that my regard ends up providing many, many leads down the road for people buying and selling. You will certainly be the one handling all of my real estate ventures!

“Here's to your successes and your being an incredible, honest and patient soul.”
God Bless, Joe


Extremely Fortunate to Have Her

“My husband, Fran, and I are writing this letter of reference for DIANE SARKISIAN with great pleasure. She represented us in the purchase of our present home in Rydal and also helped us sell our old house in Jenkintown. She is the quintessential professional, as well as being an extremely interesting person with a delightful personality.

“We had a few very tense moments in the process of negotiating the purchase of our new home. She had to deal with a highly unprofessional real estate agent and never once lost her professionalism. We were extremely fortunate to have her as our representative.

“In the sale of our home, she gave us excellent advice about showing our house, which we followed to our great good luck. We sold our house within 7 weeks, when other houses that were for sale at that time a year ago are still on the market. We give Diane a lot of credit for the speed with which our house was sold.

“In summary, she is a highly ethical person, the ultimate professional and a delight to know. We like to think of her as a friend. We have, and will continue to do so, recommended her to friends as the best real estate agent they could have in selling or buying a home.”
Eve C. Swiacki


Now That is Performance

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to help us sell our home. You are a real estate professional in every sense of the word. Both Suzi and I appreciated how you took the time to get to know our home and worked within the constraints of our schedules. We were both impressed by your thoroughness and how well you communicated with us over the past month.

“As you know, our house was on the market three months with another realty company, and it was not moving toward a sale. Needless to say I was not in the best of spirits when we first met. Your patience and no-nonsense approach to marketing and selling our house reduced my apprehension and inspired confidence in your ability. You informed me you could sell the house within two or three months. In less than one month you sold our house at a reasonable price! Now that is a performance, especially in the flat housing market in our area.

“Diane, both Suzi and I want you to know that when we hear of anyone looking to buy or sell a home, we will be sure to recommend you. RE/MAX Realty is very fortunate to have someone with your talents associated with their firm.

“Again, thank you for all your help and our best wishes for your continued success.”
Christopher E. Bork


Our Admiration and Respect

“2001 was a tumultuous year for most. Any, and or all of us, needed some stability with which we could connect. Be it the events or 9/11, or, in our case, the loss of a job; the move from one location to another; kidney stones; or simply falling off a 20 ft ladder… Fortunately, we found our stability just when we really needed it the most--at a time when the stakes were high and the consequences could have been financially severe. Much to our surprise, that stability came in the form of our REMAX realtor--a first-class lady by the name of Diane Sarkisian! She was the one person in whom we ultimately decided to put all of our faith and trust--to not only sell our home for that proverbial top dollar, but to then also turn around and find us the ‘home of our dreams’ during the same week at (obviously) the lowest possible purchase price!! Oh, and by the way, she was also the person that rapidly earned both our admiration and our respect!

“Reputation said this lady was good--but she had to prove it to us! My wife and I are not the easiest people to please--and, unfortunately, "micro-managing" has always been a way of life for us. But, with finesse, Diane took charge--held open houses; used her in-depth resources to target our home to a very focused market; invited her extensive circle of ‘realty professionals’ in to help ‘publicize’ our lovely home; and even gave us decorating pointers such that our home would show itself off in the most favorable light! …and let us not forget to mention that she would always come by (at least once a week) to give us her ‘everything is going to workout fine…just trust me’ speech! Indeed, Diane adjusted nicely to all of that and never failed to reassure us whenever she sensed we needed it.
Handing over such a responsibility as awesome as the sale of our home to someone else wasn't easy for either one of us…but, Diane Sarkisian minimized that apprehension and made our journey into the unknown as stress-free as possible.

“If you are looking for a hands-on, aggressive, and knowledgeable real estate professional--one that always provides you with a ‘touch-of-class’ at no extra charge, then you certainly could not go wrong by selecting Diane Sarkisian to be your realtor. From personal experience, I can assure you that she will ease your concerns and make your transition from one home to another as pleasant as it could possibly be.”
Richard F. & Maria C. Shroy


Our Heartfelt Thanks

“My husband and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you for the superb service you provided us in coordinating the purchase of our new house. Your excellent attention to detail, timely response to all questions, unquestionable professionalism, dedication, willingness to do more than your share of the responsibilities and patience is indeed greatly appreciated.

“These qualities and others you displayed were much needed in this very complicated and stressful transaction. It was clear even from the onset that you were distinctly different from the other realtors, and we are glad we chose you.

“Personally, I feel I even gained a friend in the process. There is no question in our minds that the quality of your service is indeed among the best. Many thanks, Diane!”
Damaris DeGraft-Johnson


Our Sincerest Appreciation

“Lynn and I want to express our sincerest appreciation for your excellent job in selling our home. You sold for the price we needed and within the time constraints necessary to complete the purchase of our new home. This was done at a time when the real estate market was at its worst in many, many years.
It is our absolute belief that the sale of our home was due directly to your marketing techniques and sales acumen. During the time you had our listing, there were eight homes for sale in our neighborhood. Ours was the first to sell; several of those homes are still for sale today, four months after we went to agreement and two months post-settlement.

“Without hesitation I commend your services to any person or family who is thinking of selling their home. Lynn and I thank you for your wonderful work.”
William D. Schroeder, Jr.


Quality of Service

“In today's American Business scene, there is an evolution taking place from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. In the future, the differentiating factor for companies is going to be the tangible and intangible quality of the service they provide. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank you for the quality of service you provided to Jeanne and me in selling our home.

“As a Sales Manager for a Fortune 50 company, I appreciate the focus you had on ensuring that every step of our transaction was handled as smoothly as possible. I personally attribute your thoroughness and attention to detail as the reason we sold our home in 13 days and the reason we settled in less than 30 minutes. It is your personal commitment to excellence that allowed these things to happen.

“Again, thank you for your performance. Whenever I have the opportunity to recommend a realtor to any of my friends and acquaintances, I will certainly think of you first. I wish you continued success in your career and ask that you call me if I can be of any assistance to you.”
Richard T. Hisey


The Only Agent We Work With

“Linda and I can not thank you enough for the fantastic job you did finding our new home. When Linda found your website and noted the comprehensive detail you provide prospective owners and then our subsequent meeting to discuss the area we where extremely impressed with your knowledge and candor. Dealing with real estate agents for the past 25 years in many transactions it is seldom that you find an agent that truly has their client's interest foremost and the professional experience to back up all the details that arise. I only wish I could have found someone like you 25 years ago, my real estate dealings would have been as effortless as this one. Please feel free to have any of your future clients contact us, it would be our pleasure to discuss why you are the only agent we will work with in future transactions.”  

David and Linda Force


Very Impressed

I was very impressed by the professional manner in which you handled the recent real estate settlement involving this office. I especially noted that you took a great deal of time in conducting research on the value of the comparables in order to obtain the best price for our client. I know that your past experience as a paralegal has been of particular benefit to you. I will be pleased to recommend you to any of my clients and also to other members of the Bar.”  

William B. Eagan, Esquire
We recently had the pleasure of working with Diane Sarkisian regarding the sale of our home in Talamore.  The experience from beginning to end was both pleasant and very professional.

In addition to selling the home in only a few weeks, Diane was involved every step of the way.  She helped us price it, market it, repair it, negotiate it and transfer it over. It was comforting to know we had someone like that on our side throughout.

We have sold five homes in this area over the last 30 years and found her to be the best real state professional that we worked with.

Elliott and Bobbie Freiberg


Helping in a tough situation

It is with great confidence we give Diane Sarkisian our recommendation to sell, or purchase, your home.  

Try these circumstances on for size:
Moving a family of 5 to Singapore: selling home+ packing + hotel living + school transitions = stress!  We needed a realtor that would not be rattled and very supportive of the challenges we would be facing.  We had a limited time to sell while still in the country, with great probability to rely on a realtor to handle all details with precision if we reside in Singapore during sale of the home.  Not to mention, the market for sellers was horrific in August 2012 when we listed.  In the end, Diane represented both sides of the transaction and we ended up selling to the previous owners.  (What are the odds of any of those scenarios??)

We had no qualms with Diane representing both sides of the transaction.  Diane was professional and matter-of-fact.  I appreciated wholeheartedly her black and white approach.  We had so much going on with our international move we didn't have time, nor the bandwidth, to inappropriately devote time to minuscule matters.  Diane smoothed out and finalized all of the details (closing date moving to accommodate our container packing, furniture included/excluded, curtains, lighting, etc.)  We felt 100% represented by her on all fronts.

Now I am not going to lie- it was emotional.  After living in our home, watching our 3 children grow up within those walls, and selling to the previous owners for less than we bought it for…. I cried at closing.  But the reality is- these details were not in Diane's control.  The market is what the market was… We took a loss as we believe most sellers in December 2012 did on their homes.  There were some tricky developments that arose at the closing- but all wrinkles were smoothed out at the end, professionally and concretely.

Lastly, we knew there was an extremely large chance that we would be selling our home from Singapore.  This would require visiting our Embassy to sign on US soil, requiring legal logistics and complete trust from half way around the world to our chosen realtor.  It is without question we had complete confidence that Diane was the woman for the job.  Diane does not miss details.  She would have executed the sale of our home with precision and grace, just as she did while we were still in Pennsylvania.  

It is without hesitation we would recommend Diane Sarkisian, and additionally use her services again.

Please feel free to email me with questions, and be aware I will respond as quickly as possible as we are 12 hours and a day ahead for correspondence.

Good luck.

Allison and Jim Murphy


In mid-April our home of 38 years sold unexpectedly. While we were thrilled to have sold our home so easily, we were suddenly faced with the prospect of searching for a new home as well as deciding where we wanted to live. We began our internet search of several communities in the area and came across Diane’s profile on the Talamore CC website. We read that she is an award winning realtor, concert pianist and a member of the citizen’s academy of the FBI. Those accolades in themselves were intriguing however once we met and spoke with her, we knew we were in good hands. We felt like we found our “soul-mate of realtors”. Diane was by our side through every aspect of purchasing our new home. She is extremely efficient, attending to every detail, confident, professional, has a strong grasp of the real-estate market, responds quickly to calls and emails, knows who to call if problems arise after inspections and is an excellent negotiator. Diane cares deeply about her clients and their happiness is a top priority. We highly recommend her to handle any aspect of selling or buying a home.


Anita and Jerry Shomer

Dear Diane:

We are writing to you to thank you for the excellent service you provided to us in connection with the purchase of our new home in Maple Glen.
You went above and beyond the call of duty before, during and after the sale.  Your referrals for movers, contractors, and other service providers were excellent and were a big help to us in facilitating the move to our new home.
You always returned and still do return our phone calls and E Mails promptly, even after the sale is completed.  To us it is clear why you are a top producer.
Thank you again for being the best.

Fred and Linda Haas



It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for you. I hope it 
brings you many clients.

We are settling into our new home. It is beautiful. I know time is short 
for you, but if you ever find yourself in RI please give us a call. We 
have a "guest suite" and would love to have you visit.

Best Regards, 


Letter of Recommendation 

July 17, 2014


Dear Diane, 

Once again, thank you for a seamless transaction on selling our home at 307 Ebony Court.  We have had the great pleasure of working with you on buying and selling multiple properties since we first met you in 1992 when we came to Philadelphia looking for a home.

We have bought and sold homes in five different states and want you to know that you are the best real estate professional that we have ever worked with.  Your level of professionalism, attention to detail, timeliness and diligence in seeing through every aspect of a sale - whether we were the buyer or the seller - was exceptional.

We are delighted to serve as a reference for you and wouldn't hesitate to speak to anyone considering engaging your services as their agent.  You are, quite simply, the best!

Rick and Diane Gardner


April 24, 2015

Dear Diane:

It is with great pleasure that we write to thank you for all the work you have put into selling our home of the last 29 years. From the time of our initial meeting until settlement just yesterday, you have consistently displayed an unparalleled fervor in being sure that our home was presented so as to attain the best possible pricing, marketed in a timely fashion while being cognizant of our personal timeline, and, to our delight, sold before it ever was listed on the market!

You have been enthusiastic and encouraging about the whole project, making us feel as though we were your first priority at all times. Your demeanor has remained both respectful and warm, with a personal touch that is rarely encountered in the real estate market: an artisan of your career!

We have and will continue to recommend you to anyone requiring expert real estate assistance and advice. In short, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Jon and Barb Sternlieb

Diane Sarkisian
Diane Sarkisian
Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
1126 Horsham Rd Maple Glen PA 19002